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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Another Story of Peter Pan and Tinkerbell

Posted by Feren Marcelina at Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Once upon a time, there was a little match girl that was very poor. She was an orphan and she didn’t have parents. Her mom has died 5 years ago. She was only 15 years old. She needed some foods to eat, but she didn’t have any money. So she just survive by selling some matches.
It was on the Christmas Eve.
The weather got very cold, and she didn’t have any sandals to wear. She only wore a piece of shirt and a broken jacket. She felt really cold. So she went outside from her small hut and started to sell her matches to get some money to survive. She walked on the city’s downtown. She can’t stop shivering. It’s really cold. So she sat down on a small cold bench in the town. Suddenly, she got starving. She started wondering about some delicious foods. Then suddenly she fainted. She started dreaming about her mom. She hugged her mom. Then her mom said that she must be stronger, because she will get such bad situation. So she woke up and she didn’t remember about her dream. So she watched around, and she saw a small candy shop at the corner of the shops line. She walked over and went to the candy shop because she was very starving. She peek and the shop assistant suddenly opened the door up. The shop assistant noticed that she was a matches seller. So he wanted her to enter his candy shop. The little match girl went in while bringing up the matches in both hands. She felt warmer than before. So she smiled to him and thanked him. “Thank you, sir, for letting me to get inside,” thanked the little girl. “It’s okay, I’m glad too that I finally helped someone,” said the shop assistant. “What do you mean by saying that?” asked the little match girl. The girl started to feel curious about this situation. “No, I mean, it’s nothing, so, why don’t you sit here and eat some candies?” asked the shop assistant. “May I? Really??” the girl surprised then she directly took every single candy in the shop. She ate them all. She thanked the man again and again. Suddenly, she felt something weird inside her body. She started to cry, although she didn’t feel anything sad. She confused, what happened? She asked herself again and again. And the shop assistant was just laughing. Suddenly the shop assistant turned into a wicked pirate. The girl surprised and tried to run, but she can’t. It’s too late for her. She closed her eyes and unconcious.
She woke up by the time and she saw a very big door ahead. She opened the door by pushing it. The door opened and suddenly she fell away from the sky. Then she wondered that the door she opened was on the sky. She fell down as she saw such beautiful fantasy scenery. After she landed on a valley, she run over as she felt really happy. But suddenly, the situation changed into a scary one. She felt so scared.
Then finally, there’s a little man who came closer to her. She got confused and started to ask him. “Who are you?” said the little girl. “I’m Peter Pan, the owner of this land. How about you? Who are you?” asked Peter Pan. “I’m Alice, the little match girl from.. Oh my I forgot where I came from,” said the little girl confusely. “Wait, you are Alice?! Alice? Are you really Alice? Oh my God you’re still alive! But how can you come here?” said Peter surprised. “Actually I don’t know why I’m here. I remembered that I was starving then a friendly shop assistant gave me some candies to eat. Then he.. aahh he was actually a wicked pirate! He laughed right after I was dizzy and almost fainted. So, do you know something about me?” asked Alice. “Of course! You’re my daughter! Oh my God I even didn’t recognize you in the beginning! Alice, my daughter, I really miss you because I thought that you have lost. Thank you God for discovering my lovely daughter. Anyway, let’s go to my house!” said Peter. They walked to Peter Pan’s house. After arrived to his house, Alice began to ask Peter. Before she asked a question, Peter asked her to hug him. So she did the thing that Peter asked. Peter hugged Alice and patted her slowly. Then right after they finished hugging, Alice started to ask some questions. There are so many things that Alice wanted to know. “If you really are my dad, then explain to me why you and mom did left me in the town!” Alice was very curious in this time. “You know, mom has died 5 years ago when I was around 10 years old,” said Alice again. “Did your mom ever tell you about me?” asked Peter. His face was so serious. “You mean about daddy? No she didn’t. She even never told me that I have daddy,” said Alice. “Yeah, we used to be husband and wife. Then someday, she went to the forest, and after that, she never came back. I felt really alone since the time she left me. Then I did investigate about the missing of your mom. And I realized that she wasn’t lost by itself, but she was planned to leave me in this place. And I realize that she has become a dark fairy. So she can use her power to open the gate, although the gate is always on the sky above,” explained Peter while pointing the gate on the sky. “Wait, dad, so you mean that she was pregnant when she left you?” asked Alice. “Yeah, actually these were all my theories and I don’t know whether it’s true or not. Hey, I haven’t told you earlier right? This place is actually called Neverland. Maybe you’ve heard about Neverland, in such fiction stories. Am I wrong?” asked Peter. “No you’re not. Your saying was all true. But the stories that I’ve heard from my homeland were really different from your story just now. From the stories in my homeland, Peter Pan is a boy who can’t grow up. Is that true?,”said Alice. “What do you mean?” asked Peter. “The stories that I heard said that you’re the boy that can’t grow up, and the couple of Tinkerbell,” said Alice. “Yeah, that’s true. I can’t grow up. But that doesn’t mean that I’m immortal or everlasting. And you know, your mom was the Tinkerbell,” said Peter with such sad face. “Tinkerbell? No, you must be wrong. My mom has a full name Wendy Darling. And she’s totally not Tinkerbell,” said Alice explaining about her mom’s name. Peter took a deep breath. He stood up and found some water. Then he drank it. After that, he give the water to Alice too so Alice directly took the water and drank it fastly. Then he laid down on his bed and continued his explaining. “Your mom, Wendy, she’s actually one of the humans that have ever gone here because of me. So, someday I went to the earth to find some friends. Then I found Wendy and her brothers. I took them all to go here. Then after a few years, she noticed that her brothers were lost and never came back. So she realized that I was the person that killed those three lost boys. And at that time, Wendy was pregnant. Then someday, the wicked pirates caught the pregnant Wendy and gave her some potions. So she became a fairy, a dark fairy. So she changed her name from Wendy Darling to Tinkerbell. For a few months, Tinkerbell never showed up herself. She was hiding in such remote area so I can’t found her. Actually when the first time she turned into a dark fairy, the sky turned into dark too. The atmosphere changed and it felt so scary in that time. So that’s why everytime the sky goes dark, I believe that she’s back. That’s why when I see you, I can recognize you as my daughter, because you have a similar face, voice, and fragrance with your mom. And you also have the similar eyes with her. And everytime I see your eyes, I remembered Wendy.” Peter closed his eyes for a second, then he started to speak again. “How? Actually that was the thing that actually happened. It’s about Tinkerbell and Peter Pan. And the stories you heard were totally wrong. So, is there anything else you want to ask?” asked Peter. “But, why when she came to the earth she transformed herself into human again? Why can she give birth to me?” asked Alice. “Yeah, I still investigate that thing. Based on my theories, maybe when a human comes to Neverland, he/she can transform into anything he/she wants. But when a human goes back to the earth, the transformation that the human made will be reset and they will live as an usual human again. Maybe that’s why I got called to this place, because I was actually a human too. Well, maybe this is my fate, for being a leader, an owner, and a guardian of this place, Neverland. You know, someday, I got called to this place that called Neverland. And when I arrived in this place, that was it. I transformed into this appearance. But I still confused, because when the last time I went to the earth, my appearance was still the same with my appearance in Neverland. So the summary is your mom Tinkerbell went back to the earth by using her own dark power. And when she arrived in the earth, she realized that she still loved me, and she wanted to give a birth to her baby, you. But she was a dark fairy, and it means that it’s impossible to give a birth to you. So she used ther dark power once again. But maybe there were some contracts that I don’t really know about the power of your mom, Tinkerbell. And maybe she used her power to tranform herself into an usual human again. And right after she transformed into a woman, the contracts ended and maybe there was a curse if she broke the contracts. And here’s the possible contracts that she made: ‘She can use her power for daily activities. But she can only use the great power for once. If she uses the great power for twice, she’ll be cursed.’ And the possible curse is she will live as an usual woman for very short time, like ten years. She escaped from Neverland in winter, I remembered it,” explained Peter Pan. Alice got more curious than before. “And, how can she bring her fetus when she transformed into fairy, Tinkerbell?” asked Alice with curious face. “Bringing her fetus was one of her daily activities right? So that’s why she can bring you up everytime and everywhere, including in the earth,” said Peter. “Enough, Peter.” “Hahaha, as I thought before, you’re really so unpredictable, Pe-ter-Pan.” Suddenly the sky got darker, darker than black. “That was so amazing, you’re your theories and explanations were almost true.” Right after saying that, Alice transformed herself into Tinkerbell. Peter Pan surprised after seeing that Alice was actually Tinkerbell that transformed into his own daughter, Alice. “How? How can you be Ti- Tinkerbell?” said Peter. Suddenly Tinkerbell strangled Peter hardly until Peter can’t breathe again. Then Tinkerbell released Peter. Peter Pan fell down and got shortness of breath. Tinker squatted next to Peter and smiled. “Remember, you’ve killed my brothers and you never confessed and apologized to me. Were you really a human? You have no human heart, Peter! And still you lied to your own daughter and said that I’m the bad one! How cruel, Peter! You delegated all the mistake to me. You didn’t realize how much you hurt me right after you killed my brothers. You didn’t know how was the feeling of being abandoned by your own family. You took us to go to this place, and you innocently killed my brothers. Now it’s the time for me to revenge my brothers’ deaths,” said Tinkerbell. “Wait up! It’s okay if you want me to pay your brothers’ deaths. But first you must explain to me how can you still alive until now?! Alice, no I mean you said that Wendy has died 5 years ago. But how can you still alive in a form of Tinkerbell? Where’s Wendy? And where’s the real Alice?!” Peter said with a whisper because he can’t breathe well after he was strangled by Tinker. “How can, huh? Of course I can! Your theories were almost true. But you missed one thing. I’m immortal,” said Tinkerbell. “Wendy? Wendy is no longer exist. She has died already. As you know, I’m Tinkerbell, the dark fairy!” said Tinkerbell again. “Alice, huh? How can you care someone although you never met her before? Hahaha, how strange. Well, Alice has died few moments ago, in the real world, the earth. One of my pirate killed her,” said Tinker. “How can you kill your own child?! I believe that Alice is a good girl!” Peter got mad and started to fight against her. “Let me give you some explanations. I made some contracts with the pirates. Don’t you know that the pirates were actually the black witches that live in Neverland? One of the contracts is ‘I’m immortal’, but with one condition. After my time of being human ended, I’ll back into this appearance, Tinkerbell. After that, I must drink the blood of my own daughter. After that, I’ll get the immortality in this transformation of Tinkerbell. I can go through the time and place. Pretty sick, huh? Well, well, I’ve given you all the informations you need before you die. If I’m not wrong, you ever said to me that you can’t grow up. So it doesn’t mean that you’re immortal right? Okay, it’s the time, prepare yourself, Peter. I love you” said Tinkerbell. “Huh, you can kill me now, I’m ready. And still, I love you forever, Tinkerbell,” said Peter Pan. Peter was really satisfied after knowing all the informations he needs. And the most important thing that made him satisfied was he heard that Tinkerbell was saying ‘I love you’ to him. Because it means that his theory about ‘Tinker was still loving him’ was true. He smiled and started to lie down on his bed. Tinkerbell took one of Peter Pan’s swords. She directly went to Peter’s bedroom and pointed the sword to Peter’s heart. She closed her eyes for a moment, with a hard breathing because she still the heart of human being. Tinkerbell’s hands was trembling hard, she was really scared. Then she took the liberty to kill her own husband, her very beloving husband, Peter Pan. With a deep breathe, she used her own hands for killing Peter. She used the sword that she took from Peter’s house. She stabbed Peter right on his heart. Peter Pan finally died. He died with a smile on his face.
Right after killing Peter, Tinkerbell was crying loudly. So she used her power for bringing up Peter’s dead body. Then Tinker buried him in a place that they usually used for entertaining themselves, playing together, laughing together, and spending the time together. The place that only Peter and Tinker who knew about it. She actually didn’t want to kill Peter, but she didn’t have another choice to choose, because if she didn’t kill him, she can’t revenge her bother’s deaths. And beside it, actually there’s still one condition to do from her contracts. And that was ‘She can lose her immortality if she kill her husband, Peter Pan, by stabbing him right on his heart’. She knew that she was very selfish. She just thought about herself. Yeah, she knew it. And she began to caress his husband’s grave and she cried a lot. Tears came down through her pale skin. She started to regret everything she has done just now.
“I’m really sorry Peter, I lied to you too. Actually, Alice only fainted and my pirates were keeping her as well. And I simulated to die 5 years ago for making an effect. Crazy, huh? So don’t worry about Alice. She’s save now. All I said to you before were just lies. Except this. Actually I won’t be immortal when I drink my daughter’s blood. The real contract was ‘I will be immortal if I kill people’. Pretty cruel right? I know. Maybe you were true. I’m a dark fairy. I killed people just to get immortality. People who have nothing to do with us, children who don’t know what’s going on in this world, and everyone that I’ve killed. I’m really selfish, aren’t I? I tried to get the immortality just because I love you. And I wanted to meet you at least once again. Because I know that you’re a boy that can’t grow up. And that means that I have to be immortal, so I can meet you one more time. And about losing my immortality, here’s the real contract ‘if I kill my husband, Peter Pan, I will lose my immortality’. You know, being immortal is soooo hard. I can’t stand it anymore. That’s why I really want to die. Especially, die with you. You know, actually I lied to you just to know how much you love Alice. And now I know that you really love her, huh. I was also so surprised when I knew that you can recognize Alice just by seeing her appearance and her eyes. Although you’ve never met her, not even once. And I love it when you said that you miss me so much. That’s why, I’ve already knows that you still love me too, actually. Aahh, Peter, I love you sooooo much. And now I’ve lost my immortality, so it means that I can die too. Peter, please wait me in heaven, because I’m going to follow you too, my sweet darling. I just want to be with you forever and ever, Peter. Once again, I love you so much, Peter Pan.”
It was on a really cold Christmas Eve. Everyone are celebrating, everyone are preparing for Christmas. And in the same time, the love between Peter Pan and Tinkerbell bloomed, just like the flower that blooms in every December, Haemanthus multiflorus.


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