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Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Dreams

Posted by Feren Marcelina at Thursday, July 12, 2012
I love Greyson Chance very much. Everyday I always think about him, dreaming, and hoping he will follow me back on twitter someday. But he hasn't followed me yet until now. I'm very sad, disappointed, and crying for him. I love him at all. I love his behavior, songs, voice, face (hehehe), etc. He's perfect for me. Everyday I always mention him if I love him, want to get his follow back, etc. But I think he never reads my mentions. Yeah, maybe 'cause he's a popular singer or so, and maybe he has a lot of mentions, and he's very busy too, I understand. But I very want to get his follow back :( . My other dreams are to meet him and of course I want take some pictures with him. I also want to make a live chat with him too. Hope he will grant my request. When will I get his follow back? How long must I wait for that? Please Grey, if you read this, please grant my request, I'm a true Indonesian Enchancer, and I really a big fan of you. I always support you.... :') . Thank you!!

To: Greyson Chance
From: Feren Marcelina


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