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Monday, July 16, 2012


Posted by Feren Marcelina at Monday, July 16, 2012
Oh God, why Greyson Chance haven't follow me until now? I feel so bad, because all of my friends are followed by him, but me?? He haven't follow me. Will I get his follow back? When will I get his follow back?? I really want it happens to me. I always dreaming and hoping Greyson Chance will follow me back on twitter, but in fact he haven't follow me until now. I feel sad, and every night I can't sleep because he haven't follow me. I always cry if I think about him. And yes, everyday I think about him. So, I always cry. I just want get his follow back. I've gone to special place to pray, I pray I want to get Greyson's follow back, but he haven't. Aaaaaa!!! Yesterday I have a problem on my stomach, because I think about him last night. I hope he will see it. I really love him. Love you Greyson Chance!!!


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